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DIY Record Expungement

Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 by Brian Laviage
Although you do not need an attorney to manage your petition for record expunction, it cannot be expressed in strong enough terms that these requests are not something that you want to try on your own. Aside from not collecting all the information that will be necessary for you to even file your petition, you run the chance that you may not be able to refile if your petition is dismissed on any technical point.

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National Expungement Week: Helping Those with Cannabis Convictions and More

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019 by Brian Laviage
The sudden cultural shift to legalizing cannabis and medical marijuana has left a bitter taste in the mouth of those already convicted of possession. It is a cruel irony that marijuana convictions continue to inflict penalties while the newest round of laws make these same practices legal. This change, while welcomed by advocates, is small consolation to individuals, families and entire communities who faced a relentless decades-long assault from the legal system under the euphemistic War on Drugs.

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Do Expunged Records Show Up On Background Checks In Texas?

Thursday, Aug 15, 2019 by Brian Laviage
Expungement of a criminal record can greatly improve your life’s outcome, allowing you to attend college, live in student housing, secure professional licensing and certification, land your dream job or even obtain financing for major purchases. As an experienced record clearing lawyer in Texas, one of the main questions the Law Office of Brian S. Laviage is routinely asked is whether or not expunged criminal records will show up on criminal background checks.

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What's the difference between expunging and sealing a juvenile record in Texas?

Monday, May 20, 2019 by Brian Laviage

If you were referred to a juvenile court for conduct before the age of 17 – even without being taken into custody by law enforcement before the referral – you have a juvenile record in the state of Texas. This includes any Class A or B misdemeanors, felony offenses or conduct indicating a need for supervision (CINS) like underage drinking, truancy or running away.

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Employment and the Potential Downsides of Having a Criminal Record in Texas

Friday, Dec 28, 2018 by Brian Laviage

Having a criminal record in Texas often results in negative repercussions, many of which last long after the sentence or fine has occurred and the debt to society repaid. One example is employment related; potential employers often categorically deny jobs to applicants with criminal records. It often doesn’t matter when the arrest occurred or even the relevancy to the job.

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