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Do you need a lawyer for juvenile court?
Absolutely. Attorneys can help guide minors and their guardians through the justice system.

Juvenile Defense in Texas

My Child was Arrested and is a Juvenile Under Texas Law, How Do I Get Him or Her Out of Jail?

If your child ends up in the wrong crowd or gets caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, he or she needs an experienced juvenile lawyer to competently fight for their rights. Contact the law office of Brian S. Laviage for a free initial consultation.

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For minor offenses, more often than not, the state will allow your child to go home with you. Otherwise, a detention hearing will be held within one to two working days after your child was taken into custody. If all goes well, it is at that hearing that we can have your child put into your custody. For most serious crimes, the court will not release your child. The determination of the court regarding releasing your child is decided on a case by case basis and as your attorney; we will let you know how things look based on your child’s specific case.

Will Being Arrested For a Juvenile Offense in Houston Affect My Child’s Future?

If you have a juvenile charged with possession of marijuana, charged with DWI, charged with theft, or other offenses, call us to begin the damage control process. We understand that a conviction has the potential to cause permanent damage to any child’s record and are sensitive to these sorts of issues. Don’t fall for false promises. Go with an attorney that knows how to make the system work for you and not against you.

If your child has a previous conviction from a juvenile offense, sealing or expungement may be an option to better your child’s future.

What types of punishment is my child facing?

More often than not, we have been able to work out agreements with the district attorney that allow your child to pay their debt to society through counseling, out-of-home placement, anger management and other programs. The purpose of these programs is not only for punishment; it is primarily a chance for rehabilitation.

In fact, this is the biggest difference between juvenile and adult justice systems in Texas. The juvenile justice system is designed to rehabilitate the child while also teaching the child to change his or her behavior patterns through punishment. The adult justice system in Texas (and the nation) is primarily focused on punishment; not rehabilitation.

How do I make sure my child gets through the juvenile criminal system in Houston with as little harm to his or her record as possible?

Never make the mistake of dealing with the prosecutor without the assistance of a juvenile defense attorney. A detention hearing is the first time in the justice process that a child must be represented by a lawyer and it is in you and your child’s best interest to choose your own lawyer, rather than having one provided for you. At the Law Office of Brian S. Laviage, we are dedicated to assisting families of juveniles charged with crimes in Harris County, Montgomery County and Fort Bend County. Our lawyers have the experience, know how, and winning record to work toward a positive result in any case.

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation if your child was charged with delinquent conduct at (832) 259-9095 or submit a request online. Remember, we offer many flexible payment options that fit most budgets. Contact us today!

Is my child considered a juvenile under Texas law?

Your child is subject to the jurisdiction of a juvenile court if he/she is 10 years or older and under 17. If your child is 17 years or older and under 18, but who is alleged or found to have engaged in delinquent conduct or conduct indicating a need for supervision (CINS) as a result of acts committed before turning 17, he/she may also be subject to the jurisdiction of a juvenile court.

While children under 10 cannot be prosecuted for committing crimes, the Department of Family and Protective Services may provide services for at-risk children as young as seven. Juvenile court typically loses its jurisdiction to handle any case once a person turns 18.

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is responsible for supervision and rehabilitation services provided by the Texas juvenile justice system.

What if my child received a warning notice?

A warning notice is similar to a traffic citation. If your child received a warning notice from a peace officer, a copy of this warning notice will be sent to you, the child’s parent, guardian or custodian. A copy of this warning will also be filed with the office or official designated by the juvenile board. This can be a good opportunity to educate your child and take stock of your relationship together as well as his or her relationships with others.

Harris, Montgomery & Fort Bend Counties

If you received notice that your child is scheduled for a detention hearing in Harris County, Montgomery County or Fort Bend County, call The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage for a lawyer that will represent your child’s best interests.

The Harris County Juvenile Justice Center is located at 1200 Congress, Houston, TX 77002. There are three juvenile courts at this Harris County courthouse:

  • 313th Juvenile Court, 5th Floor, Judge Glenn Devlin
  • 314th Juvenile Court, 5th Floor, Judge John Phillips
  • 315th Juvenile Court, 5th Floor, Judge Michael Schneider

The Montgomery County Olen Underwood Juvenile Justice Center is located at 200 Academy Dr, Conroe, TX 77301.

The Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center is located at 122 Golfview, Richmond, TX 77469.

If you are in need of a competent juvenile attorney in Harris County, Montgomery County or Fort Bend County, contact The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage for immediate assistance.

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