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Are Texas Arrest Records Public?

Posted by Brian Laviage on Thursday, Oct 18, 2018
An arrest record is never a good thing. It can ruin a person’s reputation, ability to find a decent job, and it releases personal information about the individual. Other negative effects include losing driving privileges or child custody rights. If you already have an arrest record you may be looking at more severe penalties and sentencing. Having a criminal record can affect you in many areas of your life and when public, it can be searched and accessed by anyone.

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How Expungement of Criminal Records in Texas Can Improve Your Life

Posted by Brian Laviage on Friday, Aug 17, 2018

A criminal record has the potential to affect just about every area of your life. In the state of Texas, people who meet requirements established by current laws have the right to request what is known as an expungement of a criminal record.

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How to Beat Speeding Tickets Before and After You Get One - What the Courts Don't Want You to Know

Posted by Brian Laviage on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016
Tips From Your Local Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney NEVER: Act like you know the law better than the officer does. Law Enforcement Officers, especially Traffic Enforcement Officers hate drivers that quote the law to them. I have had many a client who have ended up in the back of a patrol car following a heated debate on the law with a Traffic Cop. More often than not, the Officer finds more reasons to hand out citations.

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What happens if you get caught drinking under 21 in Texas?

Posted by Brian Laviage on Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016

I get asked regularly what happens if you get a minor in possession in Texas and how to get an MIP off your record.

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What happens legally after getting caught drinking alcohol under the age of 21?

Posted by Brian Laviage on Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016

Hi Mr. Laviage! You helped a friend of mine out with a legal case and I got your information from him. I’m 16 and was at a party this past weekend when the cops showed up. I don’t do this very often, but I was drinking that night and was kind of drunk. None of my friend’s parents were home and they ended up taking me and a few others to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center over off Congress in downtown Houston. Maybe you know the place? My parents were able to pick me up fairly quickly so I didn’t have to stay long. They were not happy with me.

Anyway, I just got my license 6 months ago and I heard that it could be suspended after a minor in consumption charge. Is that true? What else can happen to me legally after getting caught drinking at 16? Thanks!

16 year old in Houston, TX

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