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Are criminal background checks hurting your job prospects? You deserve another chance! If you are in need of legal services including criminal record expungement, juvenile offense help, Medicaid or Medicare fraud, or other legal matters, please get in touch today.



Has your child been arrested for a minor in possession or minor in consumption offense?

Public Intoxication

Arrested for public intoxication in Texas? Be proactive.

Record Expungement

Are criminal background checks hurting your job chances? We can help.

The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage is a law firm practicing both criminal and civil law. Our lawyers will fight to ensure that your rights are competently represented.

Our attorneys tailor their law practice to better serve clients in county, district, federal and municipal courts. The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage represents clients in The Greater Houston area including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and Galveston County.

The mission of The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage is to obtain justice for clients and create a sound legal outcome for any issues that our clients face.

Our attorneys are likely to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients through settlement, court decision, plea agreement, or submission of a legal document to the court.

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Juvenile Offenses

Consult with a Board-Certified Criminal Defense Attorney to save your child from a lifetime of potential problems.

Record Expungement

We help to clean up your legal record and criminal history quickly to improve your job prospects.

Medicaid Fraud

Our lawyers defend recipients, doctors and other healthcare facilities against allegations of Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

Employment Law

Protect yourself from employment disputes including discrimination, breach of contract, and non compete clauses.

Education Law

As an American, you are entitled to a free education. Know your rights whether you’re a school, teacher or student.

Family Law

Explore your options and bring resolution to your family’s legal issues. Divorce, child custody & support, and adoption.

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