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DIY Record Expungement

Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 by Brian Laviage

Although you do not need an attorney to manage your petition for record expunction, it cannot be expressed in strong enough terms that these requests are not something that you want to try on your own. Aside from not collecting all the information that will be necessary for you to even file your petition, you run the chance that you may not be able to refile if your petition is dismissed on any technical point. You also must remember that your petition may be opposed by the District Attorney’s office and that they will be represented at your hearing.

As is the case whenever you are dealing with the criminal justice system, you need to remember that the legislature can amend an existing law, repeal a law, or pass a new law that is relevant to the process of filing expunction petitions. In order to make sure that your petition is heard by the court it is strongly advised that you consult an attorney that has experience with the filing of these petitions.

If your case is truly clear cut, the website may be able to assist you with detailed forms and instructions outlining the process of expunging your record for free, aside from filing costs of course.

You can initiate the process of seeking an expunction of your record by filing a petition with the court that originally handled your case or charge. Once you have filed the petition, the clerk will notify all of the interested parties and schedule a hearing on the petition. The respondents may include the arresting agencies, facilities, and prosecutors who were involved in the case, and they will have the opportunity to contest the expunction at the hearing.

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