What should I do after being charged with public intoxication and taken to jail?

Thursday, Oct 27, 2016 by Brian Laviage

Hi Mr. Laviage - I found your website while searching for a public intoxication lawyer. Last weekend I went to jail on a public intoxication charge. I was pretty drunk, but not drunk enough to not remember the arrest - though I really don’t remember what I admitted to during the arrest or in jail. My court date is next month and I’ve already paid the ticket. Do I need a lawyer for this? I’m new to Texas and don’t have any prior arrests. Thanks!

John in League City, Texas

Hi John. Yes, if you already paid the ticket we need to file a motion for new trial, get you back on the docket, and then dismissed. I am confident we can make sure this public intoxication arrest has little or no impact on your permanent record. I am here ready to work for you.

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