Legal malpractice in Texas

Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014 by Brian Laviage

“Have a DWI in Travis County (Austin). Paid an attorney about $500 and now I got a warrant for a FTA. I was never informed about the court date. Am I out the cash and out of luck or is there something that can be done. What are my options? The not so good lawyer told me on 2nd DWI it auto jail time in Austin? Can I plead for better or beat the case?? Please let me know something asap.”

First of all you may have a legal malpractice claim against your attorney depending on the details of your power of attorney agreement and/or contract for legal services. Your attorney may be liable for posting bond and or damages you may have for any jail time you may have to serve as a result of his negligence in notifying you of court dates. As far as your DWI case goes, I would hire another attorney; sounds like anyone else could do better than your current attorney.


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