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Child custody laws under the Texas Family Code are diverse. You need an experienced child custody lawyer to fight competently for your rights. Call us for a free consultation.

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Child custody laws under the Texas Family Code are diverse and difficult to navigate without the right lawyer. Suits affecting the parent child relationship, paternity suits, child custody modification suits, and child custody enforcement suits can be stressful, expensive, and emotionally draining.

In many cases, we are able to get your children back ASAP by submitting papers to the court on your behalf.

We have worked this process down to a science. Our staff can navigate most clients though these processes with as little emotional and financial expense as possible. We take the unnecessary work out of any custody case.

Along with our staff, we truly represent our clients and help them make the decisions that will help are right for them and their kids. A true child custody attorney has got to know the Texas Family Code backward and forward. Go with the Best and most efficient Houston Child Custody Attorney in Houston.

The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage is dedicated on working through all matters pertaining to child custody. Our understanding of the law can work to put you in the driver’s seat of any child custody case. We understand that your child, and ultimately the custody or supervision of your child is the most valuable thing in your life. We will fight to get the outcome you want and in the end what your child needs. We can do this at as efficiently and economically as possible.

Work With All People In All Situations of Texas Child Custody

If you are divorcing, if you and your spouse have or will separate, even if you are not divorcing, or if you have a child, but are not married to the child’s parent WE CAN HELP!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding custody, from when and where custody is to the child’s choice in the matter. Call Us Right Now To Set Up Your Initial Free Consultation!

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