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Choosing to adopt a child should be the most joyous time when plans are made to expand your family. Let us make the adoption process easier for you. Texas adoption laws have changed in the last several years. At the office of Brian Laviage Law, we are experienced adoption attorneys who work closely with adoption agencies to stay up to date on the laws and services provided to adoptive families, non parent adoptions, biological parents and extended family adoption.

At Laviage law, we know there are many pre-adoption and post adoption questions.

  • What are the biological parents rights?
  • How soon can I legally adopt?
  • Should I adopt internationally?
  • What are the genetics involved with the child?

We have excellent resources and contacts that will make you feel comfortable thru-out the entire process.

Many new laws such as The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) cannot delay a child’s adoptive placement, when an approved family is available outside of the jurisdiction with responsibility for the child.

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