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Education builds the foundation for the future and is a big part of life in the State of Texas. We know how imperative attending school and achieving success is for students and their parents. But sometimes school issues transpire that jeopardize the education experiences and future plans.

Expulsion, suspension, admission policies, special education and freedom of speech are school law issues that can warrant litigation proceedings that an attorney can handle best.

At The Law Office of Brian S. Laviage, we represent clients for school law issues throughout Texas. We know that most educational issues require expertise in a many different legal practice areas. No matter where a student law issue occurs or what school law issue is involved, we fight for client rights every step of the way.

We offer our school law clients many areas of expertise including:

  • Employment relations
  • Contract development
  • Special Education
  • Advising districts in all aspects of special education, under the Individuals with Disabilities Act Section 504 and state policies and procedures.
  • Representing districts in special education due process proceedings
  • Assisting with policy development governing special education procedures and documentation
  • Extensive training programs for school administrators and teachers regarding services for children with disabilities
  • Participating in ARD meetings, Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and Section 504 Accommodation Plan team meetings
  • Public information
  • Detachment/annexation
  • Governance matters
  • Student attendance and discipline
  • Civil rights
  • Open meeting determinations
  • Constitutional matters involving affirmative action, discrimination, due process, and freedom of speech and religion
  • Manifestation hearings

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