Marriage Fraud

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Most immigration fraud consists of marriage fraud. While there are other areas, the most common deals with falsification on applications. Contact me to help with your immigration fraud issue.

Marriage Fraud Attorney

Some marriages in the U.S. these days are considered fake, a sham, or even marriage as a means of getting U.S. lawful permanent residence a.k.a. a green card. So the question arises, what is the difference between a real marriage under U.S. immigration law and a fake marriage.

Fake Marriage

The U.S. immigration laws have roughly defined bogus marriage as one that is entered into in order to get around the legitimate entrance into the U.S. as a citizen or resident alien.

Real Marraige

A valid marriage under the law is more than a couple having a real marriage ceremony and got all the right governmental stamps on their marriage certificate, they must:

  1. intend to live in a real marital relationship, namely to establish a life together,
  2. prove their intention through their actions.

Proof of Marriage

Some items considered by immigration authorities are:

  1. long and detailed personal interview
  2. a two-year testing period for couples who have been married less than two years when their green card is approved
  3. surveillance of a couple
  4. Department of Homeland Security home visits
  5. interviews of friends
  6. interviews of employers

What do immigration authorities consider a legitimate marriage?

While all of these need not be present, here are some items they look to:

  1. shared language
  2. shared religion
  3. they live together and do things together
  4. take vacations together
  5. celebrate important events together such as birthdays and holidays
  6. join clubs or gyms together
  7. have sex and bear children together
  8. combine finances
  9. demonstrate their trust in one another by sharing bank and credit card accounts
  10. common ownership of property, such as cars and houses
  11. celebrate each others’ birthdays and meet each others’ families

U.S. immigration officials are seasoned at discerning fraud from the real McCoy. You must have an equally skilled immigration fraud attorney to fight for your rights.

Marriage Fraud and Immigration fraud are serious criminal matters. Contact me an experienced marriage fraud attorney because those accused of such marriage fraud face both denial of their immigration endeavors and criminal prosecution for all parties involved. Call me today.

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